Website Features Handy features that come as standard with all our Website packages

Responsive Web Template

A Responsive Website Template is deigned to work with Desktop and Laptop Computers as well as Tablets and Smart Phones, the Website will automatically resize the content on screen to match the device it is viewed on, and offers the best possible user experience across all devices.

Free Responsive Website Template - 21st Century Web Design


Targeted SEO

Your Website will be designed to be Search Engine Friendly and optimized to help Google/Yahoo/Bing etc. match your Website with what a customer types into the search Engine.

The examples displayed are for 2 off of client Websites, Eco Room in Roof LTD and 21st Century Alarms. Google has matched the customer enquiry based on keywords and area to the best Websites that match the criteria.

Achieving the very 1st Listing for keywords on Google is the "Holy Grail" for SEO engineers and is notoriously difficult, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the very 1st listing for all our Websites, but a listing high on the 1st page in 99% of cases.

Targeted SEO - 21st Century Web Design


City/Town Capture Page

A page designed to target a specific City or Town i.e. you have a Product or Service that you can offer in more than one area, these pages will be help with Search Engine Rankings for Keyword and Town and will display the relevant Capture page in the search results.

The Capture pages displayed, Blackburn and Burnley are from the Eco Room in Roof LTD Website. The reason for a separate capture page for each town/city is to help Google filter search results by keyword and city/town, having too many keywords and locations on one page can confuse Google as to where you are and what you do, and will result in a low page rank and listing or none at all.

Targeted SEO - 21st Century Web Design


Contact Form

Contact Forms are ideal for helping structure your customers enquires buy asking targeted questions, once the Form submitted it is delivered to your email inbox, Contact Forms also help keep SPAM emails to a minimum as your email address is not shared making it harder for Spammers to get hold of it.

Contact Form - 21st Century Web Design


Website Statistics

This handy feature silently tracks data from your website, and lets you see how your site is performing in real time, features include:

Tick Visit Counter: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly visitor counts

Tick Popular Pages: which pages attract the most hits?

Tick Visit Length: how long visitors stayed on your site.

Tick Visitor Paths: what pages did they view and in what order.

Tick Came From: how did they find your website?

Tick Search Engine Wars: which search engine is getting you most hits.

In total there are 27 different data options to view, so you really can drill deep into your websites performance if you want to.

You will be given a password protected free Statcouner Account and you will also be emailed a summary every week to an email of your choice.

21st Century Web Design - Free Website Statistics


Free Logo Design

If you do not have a Logo for your Website, we can design a Simple Logo to be incorporated into the Website header and Email Signatures or we can use your existing Logo.

The logo design original will be a high quality, high resolution image that will be emailed to you and is yours to keep forever, ideal for use with other media such as brochures, letterheads, marketing materials etc.


Free Logo Design - 21st Century Web Design


Website Features All our Website Packages come with loaded with lots of handy features as standard, at no extra cost, that's a Promise!